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Here you will find more information and interesting facts about ceiling fans. That includes tips for choosing the right fan width for different room sizes as well as historical facts about fans.

Not every ventilation system is exactly the same, there are air supply and extractor systems, ceiling fans and air conditioning systems just to name a few. Potential buyers are confronted with problems and many questions that we will try to solve here.

Heaters come in a variety of designs. This section gives you more information about the different types of appliances to help you choose the best device for your requirements. We are also going to show some pros and cons of gas heaters and infrared heaters.

Pest control is important in domestic as well as commercial areas, insects simply do not make a difference between a home and a shop. Particularly when it comes to food one cannot compromise. Our tips will help you keep away mosquitos, wasps and other bugs in an eco-friendly manner.

If you have been dealing with electric installations in a building you might have come across the IP code system before. The rating details the protection against ingress of foreign bodies and water of appliances. Here you will find a handy overview of the meanings behind the numbers.

In order to choose the best fan appliance for a room you need to consider the air volume. This has to do with the calculation of the air change rate as well. This guide will give you all necessary information as well as a sample calculation.

When adding products to our creoven online shop we attach special value to quality. We owe this to ourselves and naturally to our customers as well. Pepeo, CasaFan and Hunter are just a few well-known brands that we are able to supply. This category gives you an overview of the manufacturers of the articles in our product range.