Dehumidifiers – Ideal indoor climate

Ideal indoor climate with high power dehumidifiers

Mould is a widespread evil in many households. Leaky windows and thermal bridges in dilapidated brickwork are just as much to blame as insufficient ventilation. Black spots in room corners or window joints are a sign for mould that is harmful to humans.
Mould in living quarters impacts the indoor air, mould spores spread out unhindered. They are inhaled with each breath that is taken and attack the respiratory system. Particularly people suffering from allergies and asthma are seriously affected. Toxic spores pose a high risk for the early childhood development of small children. Dehumidifiers decrease this risk by lowering humidity levels of the air and stop mould infestation.

Choose a suitable dehumidifier from our range

The most common type of home dehumidifier operates with condensation. The units in our range operate smoothly and quietly, making the suitable for use in bedrooms and nurseries as well. Their mode of operation works as follows: They extract humidity from the indoor air during their refigeration cycle, thereby transforming vapour into condensation water. The appliances either come with a water tank that needs regular emptying or with a hose that can be connected directly to the drain. You would be surprised to see just how much water can be collected within 24 hours. Simply adjust your desired humidity level and your condensating dehumidifier will do the rest – fully automated and barely audible.
Compared to absorbing and Peltier dehumidifiers the condensating dehumidifier is much more energy-saving when in use. There is no need for a wet air hose and they can be transported from one room to another. Their only disadvantage is that they can only be used in a room temperature of 5 degrees Celsius and above. However, in living and office spaces this restriction is hardly relevant.

Your new dehumidifier is part of the family

An air dehumidifier is a technical appliance. It needs a lead wire and a wall outlet. The device is set up in a location where the control panel is easily accessible and in sight to ensure the timer and humidity level are adjustable at any time. But does that necessarily mean your new dehumidifier has to look like a technical appliance?
We place great emphasis on selecting products that have an appealing, unobtrusive design. Their electric parts are hidden beneath a sophisticated housing and control panel that is easy to operate. Profit from our selection to prevent excessive humidity and dangerous mould.