Soap Dispensers

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Professional soap dispensers

Sophistcated and professional soap dispensers in our creoven range allow simple and hygienic distribution of soap in liquid or creamy state. The field of operation is usually a sanitary facility like bathrooms, showers, washrooms or toilets. We offer automatic and manual soap dispensers with appealing designs for commercial environments, catering outlets, medical facilities or simply for use at home. Learn more...


Soap dispenser: bathroom accessory and sanitary equipment

Every place that needs a high level of hygiene relies on professional soap dispensers, this includes medical facilities such as clinics, doctor’s practices or laboraties, to name a few. The application of soap distributors is also recommended in culinary establishments where it is even required by law in some cases.

Different surface materials like plastic, stainless steel or chrome make it easy to match any interior design present on site. The wall-mounted appliances are available in neutral colours such as white, light grey, stainless or chrome and have a subtle, unobtrusive appearance. But not only the visual nature has been optimised with these sophisticated devices, the handling has been engineered to be as simple as possible. Some of our models feature adjustable sensor sensitivity and soap output. This offers users convenience and at the same unnecessary wastage of liquid soap is prevented. The adjustment of a different dosage (0.5ml or 1.0ml) allows for a demand-oriented consumption. An integrated hose pump inside the soap dispenser prevents the liquid from dripping off once the dispenser is not used anymore.

Wall-mounted soap dispensers can also be installed above the bathtub or in the shower. The dispensers are suitable for use with shower gel or shampoo as well – this comes in handy in households with young children because it means the liquids are out of reach for them but easily accessible for the older members of the household. Another possible application is to use the soap dispenser in boarding establishments for pets or shelters. It is impractical having to open and close screw-topped bottles with pets scurrying around, so an automatic dispenser is great alternative.

Application of soap dispensers:

  • bathroom equipment at home
  • in a guest bathroom
  • in hotels, spas
  • catering outlets, commercial kitchens, industry
  • in public buildings
  • WCs in offices, agencies, schools
  • in doctor’s practices
  • could be filled with liquid body lotion instead
  • supply of germicide

Replenishing and cleaning the soap dispenser

Soap distributors in our creoven online shop are designed for use with any liquid soap. Containers with a filling capacity of up to 1000ml are perfect for intensive use in high traffic wahsrooms because there is no need for frequent replenishing. A clear plastic lens allows a good estimate for the due date of the next refilling. Some models come with an integrated hose pump that prevents the soap from dripping out when the dispenser is not being used. Due to dust, contact with dirty hands etc. the housing of the soap dispenser should be wiped off. Whilst doing so, it might be good clean the inside of the device as well, particularly if the current soap is replaced by a different kind. The pump and container can be removed easily for cleaning purposes.

Tip: Soap dispensers without hose pump should be installed on top of the washstand if possible, this prevents the soap from dripping onto the floor.

How does a soap dispenser work?

The output of the soap is either activated by push or a pull mechanism in case of manual soap dispensers. By touching the big button the liquid soap is released. This type of operation is as easy as it gets and can be done with just one hand or even with the elbow. Electric models that are sensor activated are also part of our range. Their contact-free handling offers additional protection from germs and other contamination. In most cases an integrated lense shows the current filling level and allows constant monitoring of the available liquid. Replenishing the soap is done without much effort. Various soap dispensers with different specs and characteristics ensure that everyone finds the perfect match for their needs.

Benefits of wall fastening:
In contrast to a small soap dispenser and soap dish that are placed on the side of the wash-bowl, mounting professional soap dispensers to the wall has quite a few advantages.

  • no smeary edges and spots on the sink
  • no risk of theft
  • uniform interior design
  • up to 1000ml capacity

The hygienic way of washing hands

Enterobacteria and pathogens in public sanitary facilities are transmitted to fingers and hands by using the flush, touching door handles and so on. From there they spread to the mucosa on eyes, mouth and nose.
Evidentially, washing hands thoroughly with soap considerably reduces the risk of infection, water alone removes far less germs. That is why it is recommended to wash hands carefully after using the bathroom every time. All fingers, the area around the finger nails, the part between the fingers and the back of the hand should be well lathered in soap. Under normal circumstances of everyday situations it is recommended to softly massage the hands with soap for about 20-30 seconds. Automatic dispensers are the most hygienically sound way of distributing soap, because they do not require touching the device. Look out for liquid soap that is gentle on the skin. Without the skin’s own protective layer of acid that builds up within six hours, the skin is vulnerable for infections. In the long run it can dry out and become chapped. pH-adjusted soap goes easy on the skin and will suffice for everyday use.