Sanitary and Washroom Equipment

Whether you own a restaurant, doctor’s office or business, it is crucial in any case to convey a modern and professional impression. Maintained and clean premises are an important part of proper customer service, because curious visitors always try to see behind the curtain whenever they can.


  • Application of professional equipment
  • Hand dryers
  • Hair dryers
  • Soap dispensers

Application of professional accessories

Public washroom with Vortice appliances

Benefits of professional washroom equipment

  • Compliances with hygiene standards tested and ensured by the manufacturers
  • Reliable service and professional impression for your guests
  • Easy and quick to clean, replenishment takes no special knowledge (if applicable)
  • Long service life of the materials
  • Some models are protected against vandalism
  • IP water ingress rating
  • Sophisticated features, e.g. sound silencer

Your trainer in the gym has demanded your best performance and more, he insisted on full concentration and strength. After a sweaty workout you are looking forward to a cold shower. Exhausted yet content with yourself you enter the changing room. In the big and light-coloured sanitary facilities an automatic hand dryer is positioned right next to a chic soap dispenser.

After an invigorating shower you are using the practical wall-mounted hair dryer. Your hair soon looks nice and set again. You are happy about this helpful equipment, seeing that it saves you the effort to bring your own blow-dryer from home. This gym is your favourite not only because of the compentent team, but also because of the posh interior and harmonious atmosphere. You can see that the owners really thought about the design and try their best in making each visitor’s stay as simple and comfortable as possible. Professional washroom equipment in sanitary facilities appears hospitable and service-oriented.

Application of professional accessories:

  • Gyms with washroom
  • Sauna and swimming pool
  • Hotels, B&Bs, hostels
  • Restaurants, bars, cafés
  • Train/bus stations and roadhouses
  • Schools, nurseries, universities
  • Public buildings and businesses
  • Doctor’s offices, hospitals
  • Laboratories, research facilities

The factor hygiene contributes significantly to the level of comfort in public institutions. Whether or not visitors feel comfortable usually depends on the most private area, namely the washroom. For once, visitors are forced to share the most discreet and private zone with strangers, a psychological challenge and subconscious stress factor. Commercially used sanitary facilities should therefore be furnished and equipped in a welcoming, friendly and most importantly clean manner.
This feel good factor through hygiene plays a significant role in the food processing in the catering industry. Before taking a big bite, many people prefer to wash their hands when dining in a restaurant. If the sanitary facilities appear to be dirty, the first impression will be irreversibly a bad one. As delicious as the food may be, consciously or subconsciously we are still judging the overall picture of the venue.
In hospitals and firms prevention of disease is obligatory.

Professional washroom equipment ensures preservation of the necessary cleanliness and safety. Motivate your patiens and employees to wash their hands and make our tested and tried branded goods available.
We offer the matching device for all premises in a variety of shapes and styles. Producers design their product range with a consistent overall design so that several models can be combined and give off the impression of a well-thought-out interior.
International protection marks and first-rate materials guarantee a trouble-free handling of all our products. They have a long service and require virtually no maintenance, even if they are used frequently and treated carelessly. You have the option of selecting by IP code and other technical features in our category filters.

Professional hand dryers

Colourful or embroidered terry towels might add a personalised touch to your home, however this homelike feeling of cosiness is frowned upon in public facilities. As it is uncertain who has already been using the damp, wet towels and when they have been washed the last time, their ill repute of being germ-ridden is absolutely justified. Unhappy customers rather shake their hands dry, leaving water marks on smooth surfaces and the floor. Even drying them on clothes is often used as a makeshift instead. Electric hand dryers are the ideal solution for hosts to calm their unhappy customers!

Benefits of electric hand dryers:

  • Less wastage than paper towels
  • No congestion due to used towels
  • Ideal for workplaces
  • Easy to clean and service
  • Some models have special water ingress and impact protection
  • Durable material
  • Technical safety thanks to protection ratings

Tip for use in doctor’s office and laboratories

Automatic dryers like the DM2400S from the P+L Systems range begin operation without the need of a push button. An integrated infrared motion sensor detects movement from a hand underneath the device. Going without a push-button operation is more hygienic and a requirement when it comes to treating sensitive patients or substances.

Electric hand dryers are engineered for use in sanitary facilities, such as changing rooms, washrooms and lavatories. Thanks to international protection codes most hand dryers in our creoven online shop are approved for use in business establishments. Thanks to robust materials, dust filters and thermal overload protection even basic appliances correspond to high requirements from the heavy traffic in public buildings.


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Tip for use in nightclubs and gyms

Wherever there are wild parties and festivities with sale of alcoholic drinks, there is a chance that appliances will be subjected to vandalism due to careless or intentionally destructive handling. These premises benefit from units with an IK10 impact rating. The housing of these products is made from heavy, robust material and coating and is particularly resistant to shock loading and acts of sabotage.

Visually and technically advanced hand dryers in our shop for any field application are available and ready for delivery to your place of destination shortly. We offer models with different specifications regarding performance, volume, impact and water ingress rating, from economically-priced basic models to state-of-the-art technology for heavy duty use.

Hair dryers

In changing rooms of a swimming bath and other types of sports facilities there is rarely enough time for blow-drying hair. Either the 4-hour admission ticket expires soon, friends are already waiting outside in the parking area or the person behind you is in a hurry. Our permanently installed hair-dryers offer a variety of


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Theft-proof
  • Vandal-proof
  • Safety devices prevent accidents
  • Ergonomic design prevents slipping
  • Standard overload protection
  • Water ingress protection, noise level, etc. selectable
  • Easy to install


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In commercial environments like B&Bs and hotels or modern camping sites hair dryers are well received by visitors and often taken for granted as part of the basic equipment on-site.
Professional devices have been designed for requirements of walk-in customers and a frequent, intense use. They can be activated using one hand only, their material is resistant to heat and some models are equipped with an efficient, washable dust filter to protect the sensitive inner parts. Dryers with different performance classes make it easy to find the right appliance for your individual needs.
We offer basic models at favourable prices and hair dryers with a high protection against vandalism and water ingress. Investing into a more expensive, but more sophisticated model is recommended for locations with high traffic and rough handling. People sometimes tend to act less careful if the property is not their own.
Over the last decades hair dryers have become lighter and more manageable thanks to the use of plastics. Ever since the introduction of the “gun“ shape by engineer Jean Mantelet design for everyday use has played an important role. Our Italian brand Vortice is known for sober, clear looks and ergonomic shapes. The units have a good grip and allow a safe holding even with wet slippery hands. Automatic shut-off features prevent careless power consumption and protections the appliance from overheating.

Professional soap dispensers

The diminishing, soaked bars of curd soap become an unpleasant matter within a short time in public institutions. They slip out the hand into the sink or even onto the floor. Soap dishes give off an unhygienic impression, they become dirty in a short amount of time and leave unsightly deposit on the sink. Professional soap dispensers however always look elegant, clean and offer many other


  • Theft-proof
  • Slip-proof
  • Filling level indication
  • Easy to clean and replenish
  • Can be used with just one hand
  • Automatic models for enhanced hygiene

In contrast to a small soap dispenser for domestic use that has a capacity of about 300ml, our units for professional environments come with a filling capacity of 500-1000ml. They do not require constant replenishing, saving money and effort. Particularly buildings with several sanitary facilities this means an immense saving of time.

Our online range includes manual soap distributors with a simple push button as well as automatic premium units for commercially used bathrooms, showers, washrooms and lavatories. For use in culinary establishments and hospitals we recommend using contact-free dispensers. They are operated by an integrated infrared sensor that releases soap as soon as soon as it detects motion.
Tip: The selection of the liquid soap can give you a strategic edge. Obviously the fluid’s first and foremost purpose is to efficiently clean and remove unpleasant odour and dirt. However in addition to these properties it can be a considerable contribution to your guests well-being. The fragrance of the soap are received by the nose and transmitted directly to the brain. From there the stimuli end up in the limbic system, the part that is connected to emotions. With the right scents you can add a feel good factor to otherwise sober, clinical rooms or simply continue the overall interior concept in an olfactory manner. The consistency of the soap also provokes a mental connection: particularly creamy soap nourishes the skin and is a good choice for spa areas and upmarket sports facilities. Clear colourless soap leaves a rather sterile impression and is ideal for use in hospitals or doctor’s practices.


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Examples of soap fragrances and their effects:

  • Rosmary: performance-enhancing, e.g. schools, universities, companies
  • Citrus: fresh, invigorating, e.g. work places
  • Rose: calming, warm, classy, e.g. spa and wellness area    
  • Peppermint: refreshing for cold and migraine, e.g. doctor’s practice or hospital
  • Orange: appetising, e.g. restaurants
  • Lavender: calming, helps with insomnia, e.g. spa area in hotels

Even the colour of the emulsion has a considerable impact on the human psyche and well-being. Take the chance to have a positive influence on your guests.

Overview of colour association:

  • Orange, reddish: warmth, security, vitality
  • Yellow: cheery, stimulating, sun, fruit
  • Green: harmony, natural, revitalising
  • Blue: relaxing, relief
  • Violet: inspiring, meditation, balance
  • White, clear: clarifying, clean, honest, matter-of-factly

We wish you a lot of joy experimenting with different colours and scents. Our professional washroom accessories serve to bring satisfaction to you and your guests alike.