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Small but powerful – desk fans and table fans

For use in small rooms we recommend our desk fans. The compact appliances provide much needed cooling on hot summer days. Creoven’s desk fans offer smooth operation, small dimensions and flexibility. They are available in a variety of different looks, such as retro-style, contemporary designs with USB connectors and powerful circulators.

What does a desk fan do?

  • Cool breeze and circulation
  • Ideal for airflow in one specific space
  • Flexible application
  • Space-saving
  • Decorative addition to the interior
  • Oscillation feature
  • Some models with convertible construction

Application of table fans

  • Office, home, shops
  • Reception desk, front-of-house
  • Dining table
  • Bureau
  • Bedside table
  • Shelf, dresser
  • USB models for cars
  • Many more

 Our household desk fans often don’t have a specific water protection rating. That is why they should not be used outdoors, in bathrooms or near the kitchen sink. One exception is the CasaFan Desk2Protect model with an IPX4 liquid ingress rating. It is suitable for commercial and industrial environments where it provides cooling for workers.

Retro-style desk fan

A desk fan is the most personal fan available since it is usually placed immediately next to the user and should therefore have an appealing look as well. Various retro-style desk fans are available in our shop. Producers mostly leaned on shapes of the 1950s with curved and round designs with metallic silver details. Glossy and matt chrome finishes, bright and neutral colours, our fans come in many different styles with different features. Unsightly lead wires can be hidden discreetly behind other furniture.

Free-standing fan, tower fan or desk fan?

Desk fans are the smallest appliances in our product range. Depending on the model, desk fans can move as much air as some of our pedestal models. The difference is that table fans require little space and weigh less. That makes them perfect for small couch tables and side tables, but also in a caravan or car. The technical specifications vary for each model. However, if you simply don’t have enough space for a floor fan or want to avoid the latter because of small children, a desk fan is a great alternative. It transports cool air exactly to where you need it and won’t be in the way on the ground.

Quiet table fan – No disturbing operational noise

Since fans on desks and bedside tables are often positioned right next to the user, it is very important that the device operates as quietly as possible. The fan should not disturb sleep, concentration or conversation. A premium desk fan is characterised by smooth operation. On low speed the fan should not exceed 50 dB(A).

A controller with several speeds is recommended so that the airflow and therefore noise level can be adjusted at any time. The more revolutions per minute the fan can perform, the more you will notice the noise of the air movement. This is the case for all types of fans. The motor of the desk fan should generally be quiet, the fan blades should be designed well. Fans in our range were all designed to live up to these standards.


Each fan comes with a protective grille made from metal or robust plastic. The guard prevents accidental touch of the fan wheel, accidents and damage of the blades. Coarse particles and insects are kept at bay by the grille as well.

⮩ The space where the fan is set up should be free from dust and lint.

Stability and compact design are two additional benefits of our desk fans. Some models are equipped with rubber feet for delicate furniture.

Variable positioning

The desk fan can be turned around or positioned in a different place with a practical carrying handle. The tilt of the fan head and rotation speeds can be adjusted individually. That way you will get as much cooling as you want, where you want it.

Many of our desk fans include an oscillation feature with up to 90° angle. The automatic swivelling movement of the fan head increases the area that can be covered. If you are sitting around a table with different people, everyone gets some fresh air. The oscillation can be turned on and off as needed. This comes in handy around the office where papers should not get blown away.

Relaxed work at home or in the office is guaranteed with our desk fans despite hot outdoor temperatures. We are happy to help you choose a model.

The Fantasia USB desk fan consumes a maximum of 3 Watts and is available in four playful colours.