Quadro Surface Range

Vortice Vort Quadro Range: Centrifugal duct fans for installation on walls

Small wall fans with centrifugal impeller, available in two nominal sizes: Ø 80 mm, Ø 100 mm

Why surface mounting?

  • On-wall installation is quicker and easier to do than flush-mounting, because it requires no extra openings in the wall.
  • The fan unit has better access for maintenance, cleaning and repair works.
  • The cost of installation are usually lower, because no special equipment or additional construction work will be required.



Quadro Micro: NW 80 mm & NW 100 mm, two speeds, low airflow rate & pressure

Quadro Medio: NW 100 mm, two speeds, medium airflow rate & pressure

Quadro Super: NW 100 mm, three speeds, high airflow rate & pressure


Quadro Standard: on / off via light switch (on-site)

Quadro T: adjustable timer 3 - 20 minutes

Quadro T-HCS: adjustable timer 3 - 20 minutes, adjustable humidity sensor 60 - 90% relative humidity