Application of infrared heaters

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Infrared heaters are suitable for use at home as well as use in commercial and industrial environments. We have compiled all possible applications for you in our guide.


  • Why freeze when you could be surrounded by warmth
  • Wide coverage, little space requirements
  • Where can heaters be applied?
  • Heat and light
  • Brief summary about possible application

Why freeze when you could be surrounded by warmth

In the cold time of the year balconies, terraces or gardens cannot be used for sitting and relaxing outside, mostly due to low temperatures and sharp wind. Despite warm clothes the cold creeps underneath the skin. This happens in particular if the body is at rest and not moving. It cannot create as much heat when the muscles are subjected to little or no stress at all. Children and women start shivering – thanks to a different distribution of body fat – a lot faster than men. A more comfortable body temperature can be generated in these moments without much effort.

A weatherproof source of heat is required to let you enjoy garden, patio and the like in spring, autumn and winter, for example when enjoying a nice cup of tea with friends. In this case it is a wise choice to install an infrared heater, since the hot beverage is not enough to keep you warm and is also empty again after a short while! Opt for an infrared heater instead to create a permanently cosy atmosphere that your friends and guests will appreciate.

Wide coverage, little space requirements

The heaters can be mounted to ceilings, walls and even tent poles, thus allowing you to find the ideal angle to heat the targeted area. An infrared heater can cover a total area of several square metres. Whereas most modern devices provide warmth for ca. 4-8 m², there are others that can deal with up to 80 m² surface. Therefore users do not necessarily have to stand right next to the heater, but can sit down a couple of metres away. There are also portable models with pedestal or tripod. This way you will not have to rely on house walls or other mounting options anymore to provide warmth and cosiness.

In case you arrange the heater overhead or in a distance, we recommend using a radio remote control for more simple handling and convenience.

Where can heaters be applied?

Infrared heaters can be applied outdoors in many situations. Not only will people who use them at home benefit from the technology, infrared heaters are also a good choice for culinary establishments. They keep guest warm that are standing at tables or the bar, and those who take a seat outside on the terrace. Your business can only profit; outdoor seating areas will be available during any season and not just in summer. With a festive decoration in autumn and a couple of cosy blankets you can turn your outdoor seating into a winterproof oasis in no time.

Examples for specific environments that benefit from infrared heaters are the following:

Camping sites, hotels with outdoor areas
Camping is always fun. However even warm days are often followed by chilly evenings and nights. Infrared heaters can be installed outdoors to keep visitors of the camping site warm. This not only effective against the cold, it also brings together the campers.

The same goes for spacious hotels with outdoor pools: wherever there seems to be welcoming warmth and lighting, relaxed holiday-makers meet up for a chat and, maybe later, a snack. Heaters also invite guests to relax and let go of of stress in spa areas, saunas and relaxation rooms.

Festivals and fairs 

Every time many people are drawn into the city by music, fun and attractions, it is important to make sure that everybody feels comfortable. For this reason owners of stalls as well as promoters and organisers should guarantee that visitors are not feeling cold. Infrared heaters are a convenient solution in this case because they cover a wide area and therefore several people at once.

Infrared heaters with integrated tables are popular meeting points on stalls offering beverages and other tempting culinary goodies. The manufacturer of heaters know their customers‘ needs and come up with additional benefits: For example the Solamagic Sundowner has a space for attaching advertisements or the menu.

Winter sporting events and ski huts

Wherever athletes are sweating due to their warm clothes and exertion, the audience usually stand around in the snow for hours. Ideally, foresightful hosts set up a heat source for this reason. On places where people wait for a long time, such as queues on ski rentals, lifts and après-ski, a heater is a welcomed and appreciated service feature as well.

This also guarantees a higher attendance and positive feedback in the long run. When a heat source invites for rest and chatting, visitors are quick to draw their phones for a couple of selfies with their friends. That means word of your event will also spread quickly on social media.

Terraces, cafés with outdoor seating
On the patio at home or in the café on a boulevard: We cling to the summer feeling for as long as possible, much beloved sunrays are available in winter, too. And when looking at pure white fresh snow glistening in the winter sun, the Cappuccino suddenly tastes twice as good. So that you are guaranteed to enjoy your brew until the very last drop without freezing, a heater is essential in in addition to a padded jacket and warm shoes.

Pay attention to the devices‘ specifications and suitability for open outdoor areas to make sure sudden rain or snow will not leave any damage. Stainless casings and protection against short-circuits are part of many of our models.

Balcony, conservatory

Even covered and protected outdoor areas are exposed to draught during the winter months. Yet, we still want to dwell in our personal space of wellbeing in winter. As wood boarding, plants and decoration made of straw or bast are flammable, or sensitive to heat, we recommend BlackLight heatpanels that pose no fire hazard when mounted to wood.

Commercial and industrial environments, production facilities

Winter festivities, booths at the fair or production of goods are all subject to the same phenomenon: The cold does not only cause numb fingers, it also takes away all enthusiasm and creativeness. Caution is advised in professional, industrial environments when dealing with water, steam and gas: Please do pay attention to complying with the required IP codes.

If the regular radiator in open-plan offices and production facilities is connected to a thermostat, smaller heaters are an ideal additional source of heat for employees with low tolerance for cold. The bigger the place of application, the more extensive the covered area should be.

In hospital wards, chill out areas and smoking areas a heater is a wise investment in the well-being of your staff.

Domestic environments and bathroom

Damp bathrooms, cold bedrooms – how uncomfortable! Indoor heaters are perfect for supporting ageing radiators or as alternative to radiators in utility rooms that are used rarely. The benefit of those portable devices: They are with you, wherever you go. Manufacturers of indoor appliances emphasise subtle, discreet design, functionality, and space-saving mouting option.

Heaters for diaper changing tables however are an exception: with a variable pitch, locking or sliding mechanisms they can be adjusted in just the right angle to make the procedure of changing diapers a lot easier for the infant.

Cellar, garage, utility rooms
Portable heaters a simple solution in workshops without heating, seeing that freezing fingers or think gloves are not exactly beneficial for most manual labour. Portable heaters can be switched on immediately without any required installation work, a connection for power supply is all you need to receive warmth.

Corporate, office and evening events outdoors

Festive events, cultural celebrations and of course the New Year’s Eve party lure people into the winter nights each year. That is why heaters in outdoor areas are an essential part of public and private events of all kinds. It might even get a bit colder late at night in summer, and guests usually do not have any warmer spare clothes on them. But nobody should be forced to leave the party when everybody is in a great mood! The ideal equipment for your celebrations are infrared heaters for mounting in tents, with loudspeaker, ad space and a table.

Gardening, construction sites, mobile mechanics           

On construction sites, repair work at night or necessary gardening during the winter – there should be a minimum of warmth so that there will be at least a bit of enthusiasm. Many devices have different levels that you can select to prevent you from sweating: Try to start out with the most powerful heat setting and then turn it down to a lower level after you feel sufficiently defrosted.

Not all electrical appliances can withstand splashing water, snow and rain! Pay attention to the item description and details about IP codes to find the right models for:

  • open outdoor areas (garden, public spaces)
  • covered outdoor area (balcony, patio, smoking area, café)
  • indoors, residential property
  • factory buildings
  • suitable for mounting to wooden and gypsum walls

Click for more tips about safety when using an infrared heater 

Heat and light

The aforementioned examples are just of couple of the many possible uses for infrared heaters. Particularly the combination of pleasant light and even warmth is interesting for domestic and professional environments alike.

The luminous colour of the infrared heaters ranges from the well-known ruby-orange to bright light, there are even models that emit no light at all. The reddish light is reminiscent of a bonfire and creates a wonderful atmosphere. The colour is also associated with warmth and the orange hue is said to have an appetising effect.

However, in production facilities, when handling photosensitive components or tinkering in the garage a light yellow light, or non-emitting heaters are a better choice.

Attention: Infrared heaters emit visible light only as a by-product and should not be used as a replacement for actual lighting!

What sets apart the special features of each manufacturer and their patented technology? Go here for an overview of IR lamp types in our range.

Brief summary about possible application

Apart from the many different possibilities, a robust construction and long service life speak in favour of infrared heaters. For all those who are drawn outside in autumn and winter as well these devices pose a much welcomed place of refuge to warm up the body again. They impress with operating modes that are easy to understand, many possible places of application and a modern design.

Range of applications
Domestic: living room, bathroom, storage room, changing table, conservatory
Commercial: hotel and restaurant industry, camping sites, cafés, fairs and festivals
Industry: warehouse, production facilities, construction site
Outdoor areas: patio, garden, balcony, winter sports, garage

Benefits of infrared technology at a glance: no loss of heat due to wind and draught

  • immediate heat as needed
  • energy-efficient operation
  • portable options or space-saving mounting
  • versatile possible applications
  • maintenance-free, user-friendly heating technology
  • lamps with up to 15 years service life

Infrared heaters help to keep the summer around for a bit longer! If you want to enjoy outdoor activites in winter as well, read our blog “Keep summer around“.

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