Design of air purifiers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers

Devices with the purpose of purifying, dehumidifying, humidifying and adding fragrance to the room are part of many households nowadays. In order to ensure, measure, check and regulate an agreeable fresh and clean environment at home, most of the items operate automatically. However, not only the performance and sensitivity of sensors in the integral hygrostat is a crucial factor that plays into the buying decision. In recent years the product design has become increasingly significant since the objects are usually positioned in the centre of the room. The purpose of the room, colour of the wall and floor as well as the furniture present are relevant criteria to keep in mind when choosing a product. With this guide we aim to sensibilise you for the single design elements and give a few examples of the different styles.


  • Brief overview of applications that improve indoor air quality
  • Technical device or chic decoration?
  • Factors shape and colour
  • Designed for all senses
  • Quiet operation in the bedroom
  • Use in nurseries

Brief overview of applications that improve indoor air quality

Allergens and spores in the air

Electric appliances that aid the improvement of the breathing air are the easiest way to optimise the quality of indoor air in rooms without windows. Humidifiers are applied to replenish humidity in a heated room with dry air. The emission of water vapour stops automatically as soon as the humidity level has reached a more agreeable range of 50-60%.

The opposite of these devices are dehumidifiers. They reduce the humidity content in the air in rooms that are usually exposed to a lot of moisture, such as laundry rooms, bathrooms or even kitchens. The water is collected in a removable tank and can be simply deposed of later. Permanent high humidity leads to mould growth that heavily affects building materials, health and finances.

The third category includes air purifiers that considerably improve health-related quality of life for people suffering from allergies. Fine pored filters remove any unwanted particles from the indoor air. Not only unpleasant odours, grease and large particles like animal hair and dust are collected in the filter, small matter like germs and bacteria are also trapped. Adding essential oils with special fragrances is an additional quality feature.

A more detailed overview of the different applications and effects of air purifiers, dehumidifiers and humidifiers is available here!

Technical device or chic decoration?

In our range you will find devices used for improving indoor air from the US brand Vornado and Swiss brand Stadler Form. The names themselves already suggest the key aspect of each business respectively:

Vornado, a made-up word with a strong similarity to “Tornado“, focuses on exceptionally powerful products and streamlined design. HEPA and activated carbon filters ensure outstanding efficiency by removing up to 99.97% of pollutants in the air. The manufacturer offers up to 5 years warranty on the items, vouching for the quality of the technology that is patented to some extend. The visual nature of the device Vornado produces further enhance the emphasis on the technical aspect. The appear functional and are furnished with striking ventilation slots and control panels.

Stadler Form places emphasis on elaborate design and clean lines. The demand for chic designs of household appliances is what motivated young Mr Stadler to found his very own business. If are interested in award-winning designer items that have been recognised by the red dot design awardGerman Design award and iF product design award, this brand is exactly what you are looking for.

Award-winning Stadler Form Products

User-friendly handling of the devices is a given for both brands. Both of them have become icons and look out for technical sophistication. Vornado is not popular in Europe yet, but has loyal fans in the US and Australia that swears by the power and efficiency of this brand. In the end it comes down to personal taste when going for the function-oriented product design of Vornado articles or the Swiss demureness and minimalist shapes.

Factors shape and colour

A matte black has a sophisticated, refined charisma. Placed in the centre of room, black electrical devices appear elegant and give the impression of high-quality manufacturing. They convey a feeling of heaviness and solidity and make for a particularly interesting contrast to clean white textile and furniture. It looks very cool in rooms with a lot of glass, e.g. glass tables, modern cabinets and large mirrors. In offices the go well with other dark small appliances, folders and writing utensils. The colour is no dramatic eyecatcher and no distraction from work. Black housings are easy to clean and do not look yellowed and worn out after years of use.

White appliances convey cleanliness and hygiene. In homes furnished with light and natural colours they complement the interior’s overall look. They make for nice eyecatcher when positioned on darker wooden surfaces with a warm finish. Just like other achromatic colours white devices are perfect for working environments because their effect is not distracting or unsettling. The combination of white appliances with black decorative elements, for example like the Stadler Form dehumidifier Albert, is a chic all-time favourite when it comes to indoor appliances.

Metallic finishes like stainless steel or aluminium are a good alternative if are not fond of the heavy look of a black colour or the puristic cleanliness of white. Electric devices made of metal are regarded as genuine, sober and neutral. That is why they are a great choice for conference and office rooms. They also go well with metallic elements in residential interiors, for example with silver chair legs and HiFi units. Together the individual pieces perfect the overall design.

Add some colour to your home:

Navy blue details are preferrably used for the water tank to emphasise the liquids in the container. Blue is also associated with technical products and gives a rather cool and modern visual impression. In combination with a black casing the sturdy aspect is accentuated (instead of a light-hearted sky blue), the Vornado pictured on the side stands for power and performance!

Lime green is one of the bubbly 2016 seasonal colours of the Stadler Form brand. Hey, it’s me! Everyone, look over here! A good choice to loosen up any type of timber, even rustic elements made of oak and walnut benefit from a splash of lime. Easily rejuvenate your home without the need to change the entire interior. The stimulating shade of green enhances any bathroom, kitchen and other rooms that are actively used.

Bronze (brown) another special edition in 2016, the classic warm shade flatters traditional interiors and spaces with natural materials. The slightly glossy surface of the bronze lacquer breaks up rough and organic materials like textured wallpapers, woven pile carpets, indoor plants, etc. This colour is generally connected with quietude, warmth and balance, making it an unobtrusive addition to all rooms that provide relaxation, such as spas areas, bedrooms and living rooms.

The seasonal highlight of the year 2015 was a limited berry-coloured edition of the Swiss brand Stadler Form. This stylish pink / berry shade has a “Enjoy life!“ attitude, the nuance is reminiscent of carefree summer days, delicious raspberries and sorbet. The luminous colour adds a positive, optimistic touch to any dark room and is suitable for brightening up corridors and foyers without any windows.

Shapes and their impression

Not only colours, but also the shapes inside the room immediately trigger emotions and associations in us. A device that is tilted to the front or pointing upward appears rather emergent, whereas a horizontal object at floor level conveys a calm, steady impression.
Every shape and design, their position, presence in the room and contrast or harmony to other objects can result in exciting patterns and either pleases or hurts the eye. Size, circumference and depth of the device impact our perception of visual harmony. It is decisive whether we see the item as the main focus of the room or if it is a subtle, unobtrusive addition to the furniture in the background.

Circular and oval shapes like you will notice on the humidifier Fred are associated with the perfect, natural balance, a peaceful and grounded inner center. The eye-catching feet give the impression of stability and sturdiness.

Soft curves are reminiscent of organic elements like water with a natural movement of waves. Angles and edges are not pointy and sharp, they seamlessly transition into another. The visible rotating fan unit of the Eva adds more dynamic and softens the stiff colouring. The spiralled air outlet symbolises wind and whirls and revives the other, plainly designed surfaces.

Square and rectangular devices always have a distinct man-made appearance, these exact, perfectly straight shapes do not occur in nature. That is why these accurate designs are ideal for modern homes. The symmetry of the Robert air cleaner is enhanced by decorative strip in the centre that visually elongates this product.

Designed for all senses

Nowadays, technical appliances are not only used for improving the quality of the breathing air, but also meet aesthetic demands. Not only our eyes enjoy nice things, we live and experience with all of our senses. Our ears and nerves are pleased when water vapour is discharged in a steady and sonorous manner instead of with a fizzy and booming noise. Being the organ of smell, our nose is fond of pleasant fragrances and essential oil, and dislikes strong chemical smell from cheap plastic. Our hands are looking for the feel of a matte or glossy surface and want to touch the device, glide over corrugated and round casings. A high-quality processing and first-rate materials contribute to the making of a perfect article. A good portable size, maybe even with carrying handles, as well as a reasonable weight are also crucial for a user-friendly handling. Materials that are robust yet easy to clean increase convenience of maintenance and ensure years of joy with the devices. Easy access to the water tank that allows for a quick and simple filling. Easily replaceable filters also add to a satisfying user experience. Experienced brands even find a way to tie in psychological aspects when designing products: The right naming of the items helps establish a more personal relationship with the new item, it becomes more than just an object. The playful Fred humidifier looks similar to an abstract animal and can become dear to a child’s heart. Finally, a professional and cushioned packaging along with a well-arranged instruction manual also have a tremendous impact on customer reviews.

Easy cleaning and accessible control panels are important design factors.

Quiet operation in the bedroom

As mentioned before, the acoustic design of the devices is a considerable contribution to the well-being. Particularly in bedrooms, reading rooms and sutdies it is important to look out for a very quiet operational noise of the devices. Appliances like humidifiers or air purifiers are usually used in bedrooms to prevent dry mucosa when waking up or reduce the risk of experiencing allergic reactions at night. That is why the one thing you should look out for apart from technical specifications like power consumption, etc. is the noise level. Occasionally, the devices might operate continuously for several hours at once, and any sound with 45 dB(A) and more already disturbs sleep. This level is comparable to to a normal conversation or typical background noise during the day. Devices that are used in rooms that need silence to provide relaxation or concentration should have a noise level below 60 db(A). Every sound above this value causes a scientifically measurable stress reaction in the human body. Watch out for low sound on the highest, most powerful setting of model you favour. One more tip for positioning your new (or old) household aid: In a one metre distance the sound is already perceived as much less intense.
Learn more about noise of household appliances in our guide about sound levels.

Use in nurseries

A lot of playing is going on in children’s rooms! Thanks to sheer endless imagination a pillow becomes an unscalable mountaintop and the plant a wild jungle. The handy dehumidifier might be converted to a goal post during an improvised game of football. Electric appliances must not be protected against sticky fingers, but also against scratching and tilting over. Ideally the device also turns off automatically when it falls over. The water tank should be attached firmly to prevent leakage, but should still be easy to remove and clean. Another useful feature is an auto-off function in case the device is experiences overheating – a blanket or stuffed animal might be placed on top of the appliance by accident. Position humidifiers with a hot air discharge function out of reach if you can. It is imporant that control panels and displays must not be too bright since it likely disturbs sleeping, we recommend devices with dimmable displays.

The vibrant colours of the Stadler Form range offer great options for bedrooms for girls and boys alike. Neutral colours such as lime green and bronze also withstand any changes of personal taste in the future. Depending on how big the room is, different sizes of the devices are available as well to match the performance to the area. Look out for the data in our item description.

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