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Powerful electric fan heaters

Fan heaters, sometimes called heater blowers, are an ideal solution for homes and bathrooms without much space. They support existing heating systems or even replace them completely. Not only are they a great help during autumn and winter, but also on cool days and nights during transitional periods between a colder and warmer season where they ensure a consistent heat distribution.


How does it work?

Underneath a decorative exterior our branded goods keep their “heart“ a core usually made of bare wire or a ceramic heating element. Both materials are suitable for conducting electricity, ceramic reservoirs are even more durable and efficient than wire.
An intergrated fan sucks in air from inside the room and leads it past the heater element, heat is transferred in the process. Afterwards the air is accelerated and blown out, it does not take long until the desired temperature is achieved. By means of a thermostat or temperature selector switch you can simply put in the room temperature you want to reach and let the device do the rest. There are heater blowers that heat in regular intervals, pause and then heat again, as well as models that keep the temperature at a constant level (adaptive heat technology). Basic units mostly heat up the ambient air and are taken along when moving from one to another room. Advanced models are sometimes equipped with an oscillation feature to make sure the entire room is covered.

All items comply with current guidelines and standards, amongst others they come with protection against thermal overload, frost and falling over. An overtemperature protection automatically shuts down the circuit if it senses technical difficulties and improper use. For example, the latter refers to accidentally covering up air inlets or the device is operated in an overheated room. After cooling down the blower heater can be operated again (under proper circumstances). Playing children and pets also pose no threat to the heater. A safety switch (tilt protection with a sensor underneath the foot or base gives a signal to the device that there is no contact with the floor anymore and proceeds to switch of the heater. This helps to prevent errors and fire hazard.

The question as to what additional features you will require depends heavily on your situation, such as the building, the intended use and your personal needs. Fan heaters Paul and Vornado VH110 for example can be switched to a cooling mode for use during the hot days of the year. Units with air filters guarantee a pollution-free supply of warm air without allergens like dust, hair and pollen. A remote control or touch-screen display promise even more convenience and ease of use. More detailed information about features and equipment of heater blowers is available in each item description. Generally it is safe to say that the high quality of the heating elements and fans ensure outstanding durability. The synthetic casings are easy to clean, robust, require low maintenance and protect the technics on the inside.

Fan heater, depending on equipment:

  • Overload protection, tilt protection, indicator light
  • Integrated thermostat
  • Timer feature
  • Silent operation
  • Long lead wires for more flexibility
  • Oscillation
  • Operation via remote control or control panels with display

Benefits compared to radiators, fireplaces etc.:

  • Large-scale circulation of air
  • Steady temperature rise
  • Space-saving
  • Mobile and flexible e.g. with carrying handle
  • Light transport weight
  • Sometimes the device includes heating and cooling features
  • Demand-oriented operation, monitored power consumption
  • Targeted temperature
  • Colourful and modern designs

Application of fan heaters

In this category you will find different models that can be used in domestic as well as commercial environments. Top products made by Swiss brand Stadler Form, American classic Vornado or Germany-based Deko-Elektro offer you a choice from many different colours, shapes, designs and features. That way you can select a unit that really caters to your needs and goes well with your interior, too: With up to 2100 W and coverage of 30 m2 you are guaranteed to find the perfect match for your bathroom, bedroom, office and the like.

➥ The device should have a corresponding IP rating for use in bathrooms and other rooms with a high level of humidity.

Thanks to their compact design fan heaters are ideal as a support of heating systems or replacement thereof. Electric heat sources are a great solution if you are looking to heat a certain space for only a short period of time, for example in conference rooms and other rooms that are not used frequently, such as the attic or cellar, or even as an interim solution if you central heating system has broken down.

Tip: Electric heater blowers with a ceramic heater element are particularly useful in areas that coold down quickly such as conservatories or caravans because the unit is able to store heat over longer periods.

The application spectrum at a glance:

  • Small to medium-sized indoor rooms
  • At home, in offices, culinary establishments, commercial and trading environments
  • Also quiet areas such as bedrooms
  • Damp rooms (bathroom, WC)
  • Areas shielded from weather like a garage or garden house

Fan or infrared heater?

In addition to electric heater blowers that heat up the air inside the room we offer infrared heaters in our shop whose radiation creates a warm feeling on surfaces and the skin. Are you still unsure which device is the better choice in your case? Here are the major differences:
(The specifications refer to our current product line. There are also different kinds of fan heaters that are used in professional environments such as construction drying.)

IR heaters:

  • Often IP-rated for outdoor use
  • Some models are protected against splashing water
  • Immediately provide heat despite draught and wind
  • Wide coverage

Fan heaters (indoors):

  • Usually space-saving
  • Sophisticated design
  • Designed for consistent, steady heating indoors
  • Some models are equipped with allergy filters

➥ The heater blowers in our product range are designed for use in indoor areas with a maximum space of 30 m2. Their heat output is cancelled out by wind and draught. Furthermore, the units are not sufficiently protected against rain and snow. We therefore recommend using a powerful infrared heater outdoors. A detailed decision guidance in favour of electric fan heaters or units with infrared technology is available in our overview of heaters.

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