Window fan Vario 230/9 Automatic max. 700 m³/h

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Window fan Vario 230/9 Automatic max. 700 m³/h


Dimensions and technical details

  • Material: self-extinguishing synthetic material, resistant to yellowing
  • Colour: white
  • Diameter fan wheel: 230 mm
  • Model: selectable
  • 230/9 AR-S (super boosted performance)
  • 230/9 AR-Q (quiet performance)
  • Quality: device with long, interference-free rated life (capsulated, ball-bearing motor with thermal overload protection) 
  • Continuous operation under conditions with 50°C and 95% relative humidity are guaranteed
  • Installation in different postions (horizontal, vertical or diagonal)
  • Control: with step transformer or speed controller unit (not included in the delivery)
  • Performance: blade wheel unit (balanced with motor) ensures high air flow with high pressure resistance
  • Automated electric internal shutter (prevents entrance of cold air when device is switched off), can be opened when fan is switched off (natural ventilation)
  • Reversible (switch from exhaust to supply air, ca. 67% air volume)
  • Mounting options: on walls, roofs, windows, panels or ceilings (installation on angled surfaces is possible)
  • Protection code: IPX4 (protected from splashing water), protection class II
  • Ideal for residential and commercial premises, conservatories
  • Low noise development
  • Weight: 3.45 kg

Single and double glazing do not require any special extras for installation.



max. (Watt)

Power consumption

Max. (Ampere)

Air flow

max. (m³/h)

Total pressure

Pmax (Pa)

Sound pressure

Lp-3m (dB(A))

Rotation speed


230/9 AR-Q 26 0.13 480 19 35.6 790
230/9 AR-S 40 0.19 700 39 43.6 1200

Dimensions Vortice Vario Automatic range

Dimensions in mm







Ø cutout

230/9 AR-Q

230/9 AR-S

294 297 31 130 2-38 257 - 262


Optional accessories and extras (speed controllers, sensors and fitting kits) are available in our shop.




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