Supply valve Air inlet grille ZLEP 100 various models

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Supply valve Air inlet grille ZLEP 100 various models


Dimensions and technical details

  • Material: UV-resistant plastic, colour white, inside cover with coating to increase resistance to condensate
  • Model selectable: ZLEP 100, ZLEP 100 ISO, ZLEP 100 TH, ZLEP 100 TH-ISO
  • Mode of operation: The ZLEP system's automatic model is equipped with a thermostat cartriged that reacts to outdoor temperatures between -5°C to +10°C, resulting in a flow rate of 0 to 45m³/h
  • Basic components: inner element with flap, round cover, coarse dust filter (washable), tube (up to 370mm length)
  • Rain-proof weather protection grille
  • Optimal air supply: Integrated coarse dust filter (can be washed), sound-insulated, with round cover (hides edges for a more appealing visual appearance), special diffusors allow you to aim the airflow in a certain direction 
  • Easy to install: manual or automatic control, requires no connection to the power supply (no energy consumption)
  • Cleaning: tool-free maintenance, easy to clean and check, simple filter replacement 
  • High sound and heat insulation, exterior noise stays outside
  • Application: adjustable tube can be used in walls with a thickness ranging from 400mm to 1000mm
  • ZLEP 100Basic version for manual control, continuously adjustable opening (0-100%) via slide switch, inner element flap, round cover, coarse dust filter (washable), tube (up to 370mm length), exterior grille
  • ZLEP TH: Basic version with thermostat for a fully automated, temperature-sensitive control (flap begins closing at ca. +10°C, completely closed at ca. -5°C)
  • ZLEP 100 ISO: Basic version (manual control), continuously adjustable opening (0-100%), with sound-absorbing tube (up to 54dB sound absorption with a wall thickness of 400mm), heat insulation to prevent thermal bridges
  • ZLEP 100 TH- ISO: Basic version with thermostat for a fully automated, temperature-sensitive control (see ZLEP TH), with sound-absorbing tube and heat insulation (see ZLEP 100 ISO)​

All areas that are equipped with extractor fans have a need for new supply air. Modern, newly-erected buildings are usually insulated in a way that makes it impossible for air to infiltrate through leaks in the brickwork, doors or window frames. To ensure a more pleasant and more importantly hygienic indoor air special supply valves are used. These inlets protect the basic structure of the building from moisture and mould. The ZLEP valves can be operated manually and fully automated (thermostat) without any electric connection and are compatible with all ventilation systems. 


Type Nominal width (mm) Max. length (mm) Mode of operation
ZLEP 100 102 370 manual


102 370 automatic
ZLEP 100 ISO 143 400 manual with sound and heat insulation
ZLEP 100 ISO- TH 143 400 automatic with sound and heat insulation






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