Wall fan Vario 300/12 various models

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Wall fan Vario 300/12 various models


Dimensions and technical details

  • Appealing, modern industrial design
  • Housing made of self-extinguishing synthetic material, no yellowing
  • Colour: white
  • Long, interference-free service life (capsulated, ball-bearing motor with thermal overload protection)
  • Type selectable: V 300/12 ARI-S with more powerful performance and V 300/12 ARI-Q with a more quiet operation
  • Mounting options: horizontal, vertical, diagonal
  • Speed control: with step-transformers or variable speed controller (please order separately)
  • The new, balanced blade wheel in the motor provides a high airflow while keeping the pressure stable.
  • The internal shutter opens quietly and closes tightly. It can be opened even when the fan is switched off (natural ventilation). 




Power consumption


Current consumption (A)

Extraction rate


Rotation speed


Sound pressure level Lp




V 300/12 ARI-Q 45 0.21 1200 850 40.7 7.20
V 300/12 ARI-S 90 0.41 1750 1230 53.5 7.20

Vario wall fan 300/12  Vario wall fan 300/12 side view

Model / dimensions in mm Ø cut-out A B C D E
300/12 435 - 440 495 495 10.5 11.5 210


Accessories and extras are available in our shop.



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