Bathroom fan / duct fan Quadro Micro 100 surface-mount 90 m³/h different models available

• centrifugal fan with high pressure • available models: Micro 100, Micro 100 T HCS, Mirco 100 T, Micro 100 ES, Micro 100 T ES • material: made of white ABS material, resistant to yellowing • connection to vertical air ducts, exhaust pipes or longer shafts • protection code: IPX4 against splashing water / protection class II • model: surface mount

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Dimensions and technical details

  • 220 - 240 Volt / 50 Hertz
  • Material: made of white ABS material, resistant to yellowing
  • Multilayered, washable dust filter
  • Colour: pure white
  • Model: surface-mounted, different versions available:
  1. Micro 100: 2 speeds
  2. Micro 100 T HCS: 2 speeds, humidity control (60, 70, 80, 90 %) and time-delay relay (3-20 min.)
  3. Micro 100 T: 2 speeds, time-delay relay (3-20 min.)
  4. Micro 100 ES: 2 speeds, energy-saving brushless EC motor
  5. Micro 100 T ES: 2 speeds, time-delay relay (3-20 min.), energy-saving brushless EC motor
  • Type: encapsulated, ball-bearing motor with adjustable speeds and thermal overload protection
  • Connection to vertical air ducts, exhaust pipes or longer shafts
  • Quality: long, trouble-free life of the device
  • Max. ambient temperature for continuous operation: 50 °C
  • Mounting options in any position (horizontal, vertical or diagonal)
  • Including backdraught shutter made of silicone
  • Max. power consumption (Watt): 28 (max. 15 for Micro 100 ES and Micro 100 T ES)
  • Max. current consumption(Ampere): 0.13 (max. 0.12 for Micro 100 ES and Micro 100 T ES)
  • Total pressure Pmax (Pa): 216 (177 for Micro 100 ES and Micro 100 T ES)
  • Sound pressure Lp-3m (dB(A)): 39.2 (max. 37.4 for Micro 100 ES and Micro 100 T ES)
  • Rotation speed (rpm): 1600 (1630 for Micro 100 ES and Micro 100 T ES)
  • Max. airflow (m³/h): 90
  • Centrifugal fan with high pressure (ideal for ventilation on central shafts)
  • Front guard: adjustable by 90°, easy cleaning, covers washable filter inside
  • Exhaust air sockets: set off to the sides, can be mounted to corners
  • Protection code: IPX4 (splashing water), protection class II
  • Very quiet
  • Weight: 1.80 kg
  • For use in residential or commercial premises, for ventilation in bathrooms, WCs and kitches


Dimensions in mm

Item A B C D E F G H I L T ø
Micro 100 239 195 197 85 74 64 60 97 100 20 117 97

Dimensions mm Quadro Micro 100 surface mounted extractor fan series


Schachtventilator/Kleinraumventilator Quadro Medio 170 m³ /h in verschiedenen AusführungenCharacteristics Quadro

Optional accessories and extras are available in our shop.

The Quadro Mirco 100 AP surface-mounted extractor fan is equipped with a centrifugal impeller and guarantees high pressure resistance and output in vertical ducts. This Vortice model comes in several different versions, all of them are ideal for application in kitchens, bathrooms and toilets at home or in commercial environments. The position of the extraction connectors allows you to mount the unit in corners as well. Another benefit is the low-maintenance, appealing housing made of non-yellowing sythetic material. Its front cover can be adjusted in a 90° angle and is removed easily in case the filter needs to be cleaned.

The ball-bearing motor with silicone backdraught shutter is able to reach an airflow rate of 90m³/h. The maximum ambient temperature for continuous operation is 50°C, otherwise the thermal overload protection is triggered. Depending on the model you select you will receive a ventilation unit with humidity control (60, 70, 80 or 90%) and/or time delay. The latter feature lets the fan run for an interval of 3-20 minutes. Optional accessories like ducts and wall liners are also available in our shop.

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