Heat recovery unit Vort Prometeo Plus HR 400 KWL up to 380m³/h IPX2

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Heat recovery unit Vort Prometeo Plus HR 400 KWL up to 380m³/h IPX2


Dimensions and technical details

  • 230 Volt, 50 Hertz
  • Housing made of polypropylene, appealing and modern design
  • Mounting options: Lying horizontally (with mounting foot) or wall-mounted (with brackets) 
  • Motors: 2 powerful centrifugal fans with highly efficient EC direct current motors transport a maximum airflow of 380m³/h 
  • Sensors: integrated in the device (CO², humidity, temperature), fully automatic regulation of the unit depending on the current environmental situation inside the room
  • Filter: easy access to two F5 filters, can be replaced with optional fine particle filter (F5 grade) at any time. The condition of the filter is monitored and displayed acoustically and visually on the remote control. The F5 filters protect the room as well as the heat exchanger from pollution due to dust and impurities. It is possible to add a separate external F5 filter box to this heat exchanger unit if required. 
  • Remote control: included, two-way radio remote control, regulates all features and settings of the unit (manually, automatically)
  • 3 settings, shut-off delay timer (average temperature, relative humidity, CO² value) 
  • Date and time display, notifications about malfunctions
  • The Vort Prometeo is equipped with a fully automated summer bypass. The bypass valve can transport outdoor air to the inside of the house by avoiding the heat exchanger depending on the current outdoor and indoor temperatures. 
  • Antifreeze protection: Antifreeze valve opens automatically and tries to prevent the formation of ice during cold temperature and humidity. In regions with extreme environmental conditions this might not be sufficient, in this case we recommend using an additional 500 Watt pipe air heater that is activated by a signal from the Vort Prometeo. This protects the heat recovery unit from icing up.
  • Delivery contents: 2 mounting brackets for a wall-mounted installation and 4 mounting feet for horizontal installation, 0.5m sound absorber with nominal width 150mm 
  • Energy efficient: 24 Watt power consumption at 170m³/h
  • Max. power consumption (Watt): 160
  • Max. current consumption (Ampere): 1.30
  • Total pressure Pmax (Pa): 675
  • Max. airflow (m³/h): 380
  • IPX2 rating (dripping water), insulation class II
  • Weight: 25 kg

Dimensions in mm

Dimensions Heat recovery unit Vort Prometeo Plus HR 400 KWL up to 380m³/h IPX2


Type A B C D E F G H I L M N O ø P
Vort Prometeo Plus HR 400 840 935 502 560 85 100 156.7 133.6 176 220 180.7 76 99 150


Technical data

Type Max. power consumption(W) Max. current consumption (A) Max. airflow (m³/h) Total pressure Pmax. (Pa) Sound level Lw dB(A) discharge side Sound level Lw dB(A) suction side
Vort Prometeo Plus HR 400 160 1.3 380 675 62.7 55.5


Power consumption and pressure curve characteristics Vortice Vort Prometeo Plus

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