Insect trap Exocutor White for commercial environments coverage 50 to 280 m²

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Insect trap Exocutor White for commercial environments coverage 50 to 280 m²

The Exocutor 16, Exocutor 30, Exocutor 40 and Exocutor 80 models from the white insect trap range are designed for use in professional and industrial environments as well as commercial areas such as storage rooms. Depending on the version the device covers between 50 m2 to 280 m2. They allow for a simple and straightforward mounting on ceilings and walls. They can also be placed on a desk and be used as portable devices if needed. Their contemporary, sleek design makes for a versatile look that matches a variety of interiors.

The insects are attracted by the UV tubes and get caught in an innovative killing grid. Their remains are caught in a special tray which features a safety switch for automatic shut-off. The unique design ensures maximum light output. Furthermore, the inside of the device is equipped with special aluminium reflecting surfaces that enhances the UV light. The tubes and starter are easily accessible and allow easy cleaning and maintenance.


Dimensions and technical details

  • 230 Volt / 50 Hertz
  • Housing: white all metal construction with UV stable polycarbonate components
  • Model selectable: Exocutor 16, Exocutor 30, Exocutor 40, Exocutor 80
  • Colour: white
  • System: insects attracted by UV tube, innovative killing grid ensures easier catch
  • contemporary market leading design
  • unique corner light scoops give increased UV light output
  • internal aluminium UV light reflectors
  • staggered, high efficacy UV tubes for increased efficacy
  • reliable high specification 3750V transformer
  • unique triangular killing grid for a larger effective catch area
  • large capacity, mains interlocked catch tray with anti-blow out folds
  • easy access to UV tubes and starters for easy cleaning and servicing
  • simple wall, ceiling or desk mounting
  • Application: commercial, industrial and storage areas






(H x W x D)

Insect lamps





Exocutor 16 16 265 x 390 x 140 2 x TPX8-12 50 3.3
Exocutor 30 30 265 x 538 x 140 2 x TPX15-18 100 4.5
Exocutor 40 40 265 x 694 x 140 2 x TPX18-24 140 5.6
Exocutor 80 80 265 x 694 x 140 2 x TPX36-24 280 5.7

The special UV light tubes only serve the purpose of attracting insects in combination with the afore-mentioned insect trap. They are neither suitable as interior lighting at home nor are they to be used for any other purpose than the intended use.

ATTENTION! Use is only permitted in closed rooms. The devices must not be used outdoors, because non-selective insect traps (devices with UV light as attractant) will not only catch pests, but beneficial insects as well.

The fitting accessories are available in our shop.

Please note: This device is supplied with a cord and a European 2-pin plug, you might need an adapter.




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