Insect trap MoStick 372 / 397 for food industry reach of 850 m²

• attraction with insect lamp • wide reach: 850 m² • application: food industry

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Insect trap MoStick 372 / 397 with adhesive tape

The MoStick 372 or MoStick 379 by Mo-El is the perfect alternative for standard insect traps which allows exact checking of the infestation corresponding with HACCP. This device attracts insects with a UV lamp and catches them with an integrated adhesive foil - standard insect traps literally make the insects explode and their leftover parts can be flung up to 8 metres through the air. This unwanted enrichment of food is impossible with the MoStick 372 or MoStick 397.

Dimensions and technical details

  • 230 Volt / 50 Hertz
  • Housing: very robust, MoStick 372 (stainless steel), MoStick 397 (galvanised, twice varnished sheet steel)
  • Type selectable: MoStick 372 or MoStick 397
  • System: adhesive foil
  • Dimensions (L x H x D): 655 x 205 x 385 mm
  • Wide reach: 850 m²
  • Insect lamp: UVA top-quality bulb 2 x 40 Watt (shatterproof)
  • Durability lamp: ca. 2000 hours
  • Wavelength: UV range between 300 and 400 nm
  • Power consumption: 95 Watt
  • Ready for use with rubber cable, included installation kit
  • Installation with included chains or wall mounting possible
  • Harmless for humans, best catch results for insects
  • Sealed sockets allow for cleaning with water or steam
  • Easy cleaning with periodic exchange of the foils
  • Application: these models were designed specifically for use in food industry
  • Very quiet
  • Safety: IMQ certified for highest electric safety
  • Protection: IP65 (protected from splashing water)
  • Corresponds to hygiene standards 93/43 and 96/3
  • Weight: 8.8 kg


The included special lamps only serve for attracting insects in combination with the mentioned insect traps are suitable neither for illumination in private rooms nor for any other use.

ATTENTION! Use only in closed rooms. The devices must not be used outside as not selective insect traps (devices with UV light as attraction method) not only catch pests but also beneficial insects.

The fitting accessories can be found in our shop.


Please note that the device is delivered with a continental plug, you might need an adapter.

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