Decorative Insect trap Glueboard flykiller Aura Black 22 W

colour: black

UV tube wattage: 22 W

system: glueboard

coverage: 40 m² / 430 ft²

application: front-of-house

Item number ZL051-BLACK

delivery time ca. 3 - 5 days

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Dimensions and technical details

  • 230 V ~ 50 Hz
  • Housing colour: black
  • Housing material: stainless steel, polycarbonate
  • System: glueboard
  • Wattage: 22 W
  • Diameter: 27cm / 10.6"
  • Depth: 13.5cm / 5.3"
  • Weight: 1.9kg / 4.2lbs
  • Suggested area coverage: 40m² / 430ft²
  • Includes UV tube: 1 x 22 W
  • Includes glueboard
  • Mounting options: wall
  • Simple and quick servicing, with full access to consumable parts
  • 360º light output and ease of access for flying insects
  • Area: indoors
  • Application: front-of-house, public space

The special UV light tubes only serve the purpose of attracting insects in combination with the afore-mentioned insect trap. They are neither suitable as interior lighting at home nor are they to be used for any other purpose than the intended use.

ATTENTION! Use is only permitted in closed rooms. The devices must not be used outdoors, because non-selective insect traps (devices with UV light as attractant) will not only catch pests, but beneficial insects as well.

Please note: This device is supplied with type C plug, you might need an adapter.

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