Vents mixed-flow inline fan TT Silent M 200 Series 1020 m³/h IPX4

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Vents mixed-flow inline fan TT Silent M 200 Series 1020 m³/h IPX4


Dimensions and technical details

  • 220 - 240 Volt , 50/ 60 Hertz
  • Material: exterior made of powder-coated steel, 50mm mineral wool layer ensures sound and heat insulation, inside and impeller made of high-quality synthetic material 
  • Type: mixed-flow inline fan with two speeds (low energy single-phase motor)
  • Model selectable (TT Silent M V, TT Silent M T, TT Silent M U )
  1. TT Silent M 200 V: includes integrated speed controller
  2. TT Silent M 200 T: includes integrated turn-off delay, adjustable between 2 - 30 minutes
  3. TT Silent M 200 U: includes integrated speed controller with thermostat and a temperature sensor inside the pipe. Supplied with power cable and IEC C14 plug. Temperature-controlled operation.
  • Ideal for ventilation systems that require high pressure, a powerful airflow and low noise level 
  • Diameter: 200mm (compatible with vent pipes with a 200mm diameter)
  • Max. transported air temperature: 60°C
  • Quality: Device with long, trouble-free service life (ca. 40,000 hours of operation, ball-bearing motor, integrated protection against overheating) 
  • Simple maintenance: Centre piece can be removed from the housing easily and quickly
  • Mounting options: any position and angle inside the pipe (beginning, centre, end)
  • Several fans can be applied in the same ventilation system (parallel for higher air capacity, in series for higher pressure) 
  • Brackets on the fan housing allow attachment to floor, wall or ceiling
  • The conical fan wheel and profile of fan blades increase circulation speed of the airflow, ensuring a higher pressure and airflow rate than conventional axial fans
  • IP rating: IPX4 (splashing water) 
  • Ideal for ventilation in damp rooms such as bathrooms, WCs as well as ventilation in apartments, houses, shops and cafés
  • Weight: 8.0 kg



Power consumption (Watt)

min. /max.

Current consumption (Ampere)

min. /max.

Airflow (m³/h)

min. /max.

Rotation speed rpm

min. /max.

Sound pressure Lp-3m (dB(A))

min. /max.

Vents TT Silent M 200  78 / 110 0.35 / 0.49 810 / 1020 2015 / 2445 31 / 36


Dimensions Vents TT Silent M series

Dimensions in mm







Vents TT Silent M 200

198 293 386 550 295



Characteristics Vents TT Silent M 200 series


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