Mounting kit for suspended ceilings in various sizes

• Allows a secure operation of ceiling fans on suspended ceilings • available in various sizes

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Dimensions and technical details

  • length selectable
  • colour: grey
  • fits all ceiling fans
  • without cable
  • safe working load: up to 40 kg
  • material: galvanised sheet steel, primed
  • mounted with 4 screws
  • height steplessly adjustable

Whether a ceiling fan can be installed safe and secure on a ceiling, depends not only on professional mounting, but also on the material of the surface it shal be installed on. There is a difference if a fan is fitted on a concrete, wood or dropped ceiling. The latter are also known as suspended ceilings and are mostly made of plasterboard or ceiling tiles. A direct mounting on a dropped ceiling without any additonal support in-between could lead to resonance sounds or an unstable hold of the fan on the ceiling, because the carrying material does not offer enough stability in this case. In order to prevent this, suspension systems are used that are available in various sizes and lengths and can be individually adjusted in order to perfectly fill out the space between concrete ceiling and dropped ceiling. These mounting pieces are installed directly to the main ceiling for steady hold and then adjusted to the distance to the suspended ceiling. Afterwards, the ceiling fan is fixed to the dropped ceiling with the suspension system.

As the height of the dropped ceilings can vary, these mounting brackets are available in 5 different sizes. The gaps can be fitted and adjusted correct to a millimetre to the corresponding ceiling height after the installation of the mounting bracket due to a flexible bolting.

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