Remote control for Faro ceiling fans

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Remote control for Faro ceiling fans

The manufacturer offers a possibility for those who would like to make the handling of their Faro ceiling fan easier and increase the comfort feeling. The remote control set by Faro consists of a handheld transmitter with control elements for lighting and rotation speeds as well as a flat receiver whose dimensions allow an easy installation inside the canopy or the housing of your Faro ceiling fan. The installation can be done within a few minutes even when one has no experience.


Dimensions and technical details

  • easy installation inside the canopy or underneath the housing for extra flat models
  • dimensions: 6.0 x 2.0 x 12.0 cm / 2.4", 0.8", 4.8"
  • motor 3 rotation speeds & off, light dimming (light on/off for energy-saving bulbs). Suitable for ceiling fans without lighting as well.
  • complete remote control, emitter and receiver included in the delivery
  • Dimming of common energy-saving bulbs is not possible, however, they can be switched on/off.

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