Centralised continuous ventilation unit VORT PLATT and VORT PLATT ES EP max. 400m³/h IPX4

• centralised unit for continuous ventilation, energy efficient ventilation for up to 200m² living area • galvanised steel sheet, IPX4 rating, insulation class II • model selectable: VORT PLATT or VORT PLATT ES (EC motor, timer)

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Dimensions and technical details

  • 230 Volt, 50 Hertz
  • Functionality: centralised ventilation unit (covers up to 200m² indoor area), extraction via ports, supply via inlet in exterior wall
  • Housing: galvanised steel, back portion made of robust ABS synthetic material
  • Model selectable: VORT PLATT and VORT PLATT (EC motor, timer)
  • VORT PLATT: 3 speed AC motor
  • VORT PLATT ES: 3 speed brushless EC motor, including shut off delay (30 minutes) - can be linked to light switch in the room (e.g. in bathroom, fitness room)
  • Safety: IPX4 rating, insulation class II
  • Motor: encapsulated, ball-bearing, thermal overload protection for contiuous operation
  • Mounting options: horizontal or vertical position, in cellar, attic, flap tile, utility and boiler rooms, suspended ceiling 
  • Control: quiet operation with constant or adjustable airflow, low-noise, long and trouble-free service life, motor with 2 settings (day/night), optional speed controller or step transformer can be added (please order separately) 
  • Performance: balanced impeller ensures high airflow and pressure resistance, overall airflow up to 400m³/h on high speed and 200m³/h on low speed 
  • Cleaning: easy access to impeller for simple cleaning and maintenance
  • Connection: 2xØ80mm connection ports, 1xØ80mm closing cap, 1xØ125mm exhaust port, 1x125mm extractor port 
  • Airflow regulator (30m³/h)
  • Weight: 4.00 kg

Dimensions in mm

Dimensions Centralised continuous ventilation unit VORT PLATT and VORT PLATT ES EP max. 400m³/h IPX4

Type A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) Ø A (mm)
VORT PLATT 478 164 430 77.5 124.5
VORT PLATT ES 478 164 430 77.5 124.5



Technical data



Max. airflow


Max. current consumption


Max. pressure


Max. consumption


Max. rotation speed


Max. ambient temperature for continuous operation


VORT PLATT 343 0.25 261 56 1300 60
VORT PLATT ES 400 0.45 130 50 1400 50


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