Hathor IP20 Halogen Infrared Heater incl. wall mount

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Hathor IP20 Halogen Infrared Heater incl. wall mount

Halogen Infrared Heater Hathor IP20

The HATHOR heater offers a very high heating performances, making it also interesting for use in commercial areas. Especially with these places it is often the case that very large areas need to be heated, however convential methods would be too costly. The HATHOR 4000, suitable for indoor use, is a perfect solution, apart from a wide coverage it furthermore impresses with the long durability of the integrated infrared lamp.


Dimensions and technical details

  • 230 Volt / 50 Hertz
  • Connection with 400 Volt / 50 Hertz possibel with Modell 6000 Watt
  • Material: aluminium (robust body)
  • Colour: aluminium silver
  • Model selectable: 2000 Watt, 4000 Watt or 6000 Watt
  • IP code /protection class: IP20 / I
  • Halogen infrared technology
  • Durability lamp (gold vaporised halogen infrared lamp): ca. 5000 hours
  • High amount of short wave radiation (IR-A)
  • Direct heating (surface heating)
  • No loss of heat due to air movement
  • No emissions
  • ​​Maintenance-free
  • Installation possible with integrated wall / ceiling mount or on site chains as suspension
  • Adjustable focus with Hathor 4000 and 6000 (less area with higher heat energy or larger area with less heat radiation)
  • Ideal for indoors, for example large areas with commercial use (goods receipt area, logistics areas) that are difficult or impossible to provide with warm air



Covered area



B x H x T (mm)

Power consumption


Current consumption




2000 W 13 235 x 496 x 313 2000 9.0 1.9
4000 W 18 375 x 496 x 313 4000 18.0 2.6
6000 W 23 515 x 496 x 313 6000 27.0 (3 x 9) 3.3
The included special bulbs are to be used in combination with the mentioned infrared heaters only and are neither suitable for lighting in households nor for any other intention.
The fitting accessories can be found in our shop.



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