Infrared heater Solamagic 8000 Watt ECO IP24 with ceiling mount

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Infrared heater Solamagic 8000 Watt ECO IP24 with ceiling mount

Promoting productivity of your employees is simple even if they are working in large buildings such as assembly hangars and factories: The highly efficient ECO+ short-wavelength infrared radiation of this heater provides a pleasant temperature despite cold concrete walls and floors, whilst keeping your expenses at a minimum.

The ceiling-mounted Solamagic 8000 Watt ECO IP24 infrared heater is available in different colours. A clean white or stylish titanium silver go well with many décors. Four first-rate Philips HeLen infrared tubes with 2000 Watt output each are perfect for covering a large area. Instead of resorting to several heater units, you can simply opt for one single device and still achieve the same results. On top of saving costs for installation and maintenance you will also profit from cost-efficient and environmentally friendly heat, because the Solamagic 8000 Watt ECO does not have a heating-up phase. This helpful appliance comes with a stable bracket for installation the ceiling. That means the device is easily mounted where it is needed, for example on top of work benches and tables.


Dimensions and technical details

  • Connection to: 400 Volt
  • Housing: powder-coated aluminium (weatherproof)
  • Model: without on/off switch, wall-mounted
  • Colour: selectable (white, titanium)
  • State-of-the-art ECO+ infrared short wavelength technology
  • Top-quality HeLen gold lamp: 4 x 2000 Watt
  • Durability lamp: ca. 5000 hours (ca. 10 - 15 years with average use)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 1024 x 480 x 485 mm
  • Heat output: 8000 Watt
  • Recommended installation height: ca. 300 - 400 cm
  • Min. distance to the irradiated surface: 70 cm
  • Adjustable tilt: +/- 30°
  • Heat emitted immediately after the device is switched on
  • No preheating ensure energy saving
  • No movement of air or dust clouds
  • IP rating: IP24 (protected against splashing water)
  • Ceiling mounting bracket is included in the delivery
  • Control: no switch on the device, power on/off via on-site switch 
  • Delivery without lead wire
  • Application: indoors and outdoors (workshop, production facilities, factory, etc.)
  • Weight: ca. 15 kg

The included lamps are to be used only in combination with the infrared heaters in order to create heat, and are suitable neither for domestic lighting or any other different use.

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