Infrared heater CasaTherm Heatpanel Plus IP55 with and without remote control

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Infrared heater CasaTherm Heatpanel Plus IP55 with and without remote control

The CasaTherm Heatpanel Plus IP55 is an infrared heater that combines innovative infrared heating technology with an appealing aluminium design. It is perfect for outdoor areas that are sheltered from wind, such as patios or for indoor use in conservatories or spas. The CasaTherm Heatpanel Plus IP55 is equipped with a stainless steel heater coil that is embedded in aluminium. By radiating infrared it heats up only those specific areas the panel is aimed at.

The infrared heater does not emit any visible light and creates pleasant heat with IR-B and IR-C radiation. Furthermore, the IP code IP55 ensures protection from rain and snow. The CasaTherm Heatpanel Plus IP55 can either be mounted to ceilings (2.5 m from the floor) or on walls (2.0 m) with a pitch of 45°. As the backside of the panel does not heat up very much, it is absolutely no problem to mount the device on wood, there is no fire hazard at all. The infrared heatpanel is a high-performance, maintenance free source of heat with no emissions whatsoever.


Dimensions and technical details

  • 220 - 240 Volt / 50 Hertz
  • Aluminium housing, appealing design, stainless steel heater coil embedded in aluminium
  • Colour: aluminium silver / anodised matt black
  • Innovative infrared heating technology
  • Power selectable: 1500, 1800, 2400 and 3200 Watt
  • Equipment selectable:
  • Without remote control: 1500 Watt Plus, 1800 Watt Plus, 2400 Watt Plus and 3200 Watt Plus
  • With IR remote control (3 settings) : 1500 Watt Plus / D, 1800 Watt Plus / D, 2400 Watt Plus / D and 3200 Watt Plus / D
  • IR-B and IR-C create pleasant heat without light emission (mid-wavelength infrared without visible light)
  • IP code IP55 (protected from water jets) - high level of safety for electrics despite rain and snow
  • Surface heat, no heat loss
  • Low temperature on backside of housing, no fire hazard on wood
  • Wall-mount bracket included
  • No emissions
  • Maintenance free
  • Temperature resistant silicone cable (1.8 m) for permanently fixed connection, optionally a Schuko plug can be connected
  • Ideal for heating outdoor areas sheltered from wind (patio, terraces) or indoor use (conservatory, spa)
  • Ideally, the device measures 2.5 m from the from floor when mounted to the ceiling, or 2.0 m when mounted to the wall (pitch 45°)

Additional accessories are available in our shop.


CasaTherm Heatpanel 1500 Plus /Plus D 1800 Plus /Plus D 2400 Plus /Plus D 3200 Plus /Plus D
Area covered (m²) 5 6 9 12
Length (mm) 1022 / 1184 1172 / 1338 1472 / 1634 1872 / 2040
Weight (kg) 6.0 6.8 8.4 10.3
Power (Watt) 1500 1800 2400 3200
Consumption (Ampere) 6.8 8.0 11.0 14.0



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